Corinne Hancock and Zach Zahachi

Corinne is an International Keynote Speaker that has built a career on helping businesses "Thrive In Chaos."  From her experiences of being an International Aid Worker, Corinne has spent a major portion of her life all over the continent of Africa running medical teams and assessing medical facilities.  She is the founder of "The Curiosity Project," which is a non-profit organization that conducts medical training in remote locations on the African continent.

Zach is a 13 year US Coast Guard veteran.  Since 2015 he has spent most of his time in Africa and the Middle East conducting military training and operations assisting in globalized anti and counter terrorism.  He is now taking the leap of being a CEO in the business world and co-founder of Mountain Freedom Coins.


 At Mountain Freedom Coins we VALUE:

  • Using authenticity to connect
  • Having courage to "embrace the suck"
  • Questioning with curiosity
  • Creating win-win solutions
  • Leading with purpose