Mount Sneffels Colorado 14er Mountain Summit Coin Gift


Veteran and Woman Owned Small Business out of Littleton, Colorado

Coin Size: 1.75" 
Material: Metal
Coin Color: Flat Silver (represents Easy Class III)
Ring Color: Orange (represents San Juan Mountains Range)

Our Summit Challenge Coins are the perfect way for you to commemorate your Colorado 14,000' summits.  Each coin is custom designed with a representation of that particular peak along with its height.  These coins are the perfect gift for your favorite Colorado Climber!

Name Origination:
Some claim that the mountain was named for a Mr. Sneffels, said to be an unlisted member of the Hayden Survey. Others have argued that the word "Sneffels" is a distortion of the word "snowfields;" in fact, the word "snaefell" is actually Nordic for "snowfield." It is also said that early miners called the mountain 'Mt. Sniffles' for the colds they acquired in the mines.