Summit Challenge Coins

Each coin is unique and represents Colorado's 14,000ft summits. 

What would be better than to collect a unique and amazing Summit Challenge Coin for each 14er. A different and significant coin that you would be proud to display on your Summit Coin Rack made specifically for your collection.  

Front Range, Mosquito Range, Tenmile Range, Sawatch Range CURRENTLY available!

Summit Challenge Coins

Mountain Freedom Coins was born on the summit...

It all started with a challenging completion of the DeCaLilBron Loop of four 14,000' summits in the Rocky Mountains. We felt so good that we wanted others to be inspired to climb and celebrate. Your Mountain Freedom Challenge Coin will commemorate your accomplishment of climbing the 14,000' summits in Colorado, there are 58!



To create a community of inspiration, courage, and support so that everyone can accomplish their own "Mountain Freedom"


We celebrate accomplishments by providing challenge coins that commemorate our summits

About Us

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